Churches in Calgary – Get Your Message OUT!

This website was created initially as an information project. More than 17000 people move to Calgary each year, and as one of those people I was aware of the problem with looking for a new church. So in response to that I thought I would create a website with a map and a listing of all the churches so that people could find the information that they need.

Looking at all of the church websites one by one was counter productive, especially because I couldn’t sort them by location or keyword. So Churches in Calgary was born in order to provide a map and a simple trip advisor type section about each church with information, reviews and contact info.

During the process of building the website I noticed that it could be a really great resource for people to get information OUT rather than looking for information. The people that have the information now have a place to share it. And it’s concentrated and readily available to a highly targeted audience.

Our Current Offer

Currently all advertising on this website is free. I know right… we are still in the development phase so for now we felt it was best to just let people use this resource absolutely free.

All you need to do is setup your account and send us the information. We have some spots on the front page for images and we also have special listing pages that we can include your information.

The only Catch

Although it is free we would really appreciate a reciprocal link from you. This lets your audience and people know about us and also see your ad or listing. You can just copy and paste the text here…or if you are the webmaster for your website just create a link from your site to your listing on our site.

<a href=””>churches in calgary</a>

If you want the link to go to your listing on our website just copy the URL in the address bar when you are on the listing and then paste it in where the part is in the code text above.  You can also change the anchor text if you want to … we just put it there as an example.