Churches In Calgary

This website was started as a bit of a side project but has quickly become an amazing resource for people.  Our intention was to create a space where new people who move to our great city could find information about churches, and more importantly churches in the neighborhood that they live.  Being able to see local churches in Calgary, what other people are saying about those churches and get information about services and events all in one place was important.

We also found that we could include local ministries, businesses and events so that this website and community could actually become a central information space where people could find what they are looking for.  So in an attempt to provide that we have expanded the website and are now including all kinds of information about everything church and spirit community in the city of Calgary.

How can you get involved

If you are a pastor or leader at a local church here in calgary, we hope that we have your church listed and that the information is correct.  If for some reason it is not please let us know by emailing us at contact@chruchesincalgary.com

If your church is not listed here please click on the add listing menu button on the main nav menu above and add it in.  We want to gather as much info about all that is happening here in Calgary in the Christian community.

If you are a Christian business owner, or you run a local ministry we would also LOVE to hear from you.  Please also click on the add listing menu button and add it in.

If you are running a local event or know of a local event, please click on the add event button and also add it in.  Event advertisment is currently free of financial charge, but we do ask that you link to us from your website or facebook page.  So when you create the event there will be an event listing and detail page with your event details on it.  Please link to this page from your website so that your people can see it here too.  The details page will also link to your site…and allow others to find it and to register for your event.

In the first week of the event going live, please email us a copy of the link URL from your site or facebook page so we can verify.  Thank you so much.

About us

We are local church pastors here in Calgary…this is not about promoting us or our church…its about bringing us all together and providing a resource for people who have just moved to Calgary, people who want event information, people looking for a church in their local neighborhood or people looking to partner with local Christian businesses or ministries and need information.

Christian Internet Businesses

We also have a resource on this website that we are really excited about and are still developing.  As a minister I know that time is a really important asset and can be hard to come by at times…especially if you are bi-vocational, or have high administrative tasks.  Our goal with this other section of the website is to create a resource for pastors, ministers, lay people, musicians, singers, leaders, volunteers and or other people that want to find more revenue streams, particularly online or passive streams.

Most of us exchange time for money at our job or business, the intention with this section of the website is to reduce the amount of time for money and create more time for us to minister and pursue passions in the ministry and in life.  Hopefully if that is something that you are looking for you will find this resource helpful.

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