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C3 Church Calgary

C3 Church Calgary West

Leading people in a growing relationship and experience with Jesus Christ. Building Disciples :: Transforming Lives :: Living your best life

Centre Street Church Calgary - Central Campus

Centre Street Church Central Campus

We want to make an impact in your life, your community, and in the world. How do we go about that? By leading people to Jesus and helping them become fully devoted followers of Christ. That’s the driving purpose behind everything we do.

Centre Street Church Calgary - South Campus

Centre Street Church Calgary – South Campus

We want to make an impact in your life, your community, and in the world. How do we go about that? By leading people to Jesus and helping them become fully devoted followers of Christ. That’s the driving purpose behind everything we do.

First Assembly Church Calgary

First Assembly Church

We Love People. We Plant Churches.

C3 Church North Calgary

C3 Church North Calgary is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational family that loves people.   
Our mission is to build extraordinary people.  
We connect with a supernatural, miracle making God who changes our lives and gives us identity. We connect with people inside the church in encouraging, life giving relationships. We connect with our world to serve and to share out of the life that God has given us.
We believe church should be fun, powerful and relevant.

Downtown Calgary Full Gospel

Downtown Calgary Full Gospel Church

Full Gospel Tabernacle

Acadia Drive Gospel Hall

Acadia Drive Gospel hall.

Churches in Calgary

We would like to Welcome you. This website is an online resource for the city of Calgary, and we have a two fold mission. Firstly, we want to help people who have just moved to be able to find the information that they are looking for. Secondly we want to be a place where people who live here and have information about things that are happening here to be able to share it. If you recently moved to our city, and you are looking for a church, a christian school for your kids, this is a great resource for you. You can search in the areas close to you or look for something specific across the city. Or if you have been here for a while and are looking for something new there is a lot of information on this website that you can use to help you. Maybe you moving across the city and want to find a church or school that is close to your home…we can help with that. If you are looking for a resource, like a christian business or a local ministry, this is also a great place to get the information that you need. Or if you have used one of these great resources now you can leave a review or comment about your experience so that other people can use that information. There is really nothing like hearing the experiences of others to help us make decisions and get to know the Christian community this great city.

Churches in Calgary … A resource for pastors

If you are a leader or pastor we would love for you to help us provide information to people that are looking for it by becoming a contributor to this community website. Check to see if the information we have about the ministries, programs or churches you represent is correct. If you can’t find it here we would love to get the correct information from you. If we are missing your organization please click on the add listing button up top and let us know. If you are an event organizer and want to advertise your event on our website please click the add event button up top and fill in the form. For more information about us and who we are click on the about us page or the FAQ. Thanks so much for stopping by and we truly hope you find what you need here.

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Some things that you might find interesting 1. 15 Degrees NE – A brand new community for the kingdom.  Launches Oct 1st 2. Milestone Asset Management  – A Calgary based company that specializes in asset and money management.  If you are looking you need to connect with them.  Part of the community here at Churches in Calgary is helping people financially as well. Hope it helps. A New Partner – Milestone Asset Management We have a brand new partner at Churches in Calgary.  We have partnered with Milestone Asset Management in Calgary Alberta.  This company specializes in money management and specifically we would like to highlight a few areas …

  1. Retiring Abroad.  One of Milestones premier solutions is directed specifically at people who are looking to retire abroad.  They have build relationships with a number of solutions, people and companies to provide information into this area.  We know from our community here at SFW that retiring abroad is a hot topic…so we wanted to partner with Milestone for this reason.
    1. Article on retiring in the US
    2. Client Testimonies for retiring abroad
  2. Estate Planning.  Many of the SFWers are getting closer to retirement and as such thinking about leaving their ranch/farm to a loved one or kids.  Milestone specializes in helping this transaction happen with tax sheltering and money management skills.
  3. Business Succession Planning.   Another huge deal for baby boomers that are running farms is the plan for what happens when they are no longer running the farm.  The succession plan is a huge deal and these guys have what you need.

Proud to Partner with 15 Degrees NE

Churches in Calgary is proud to partner with 15 Degrees NE and its ministry/community action.  These guys are building a really great online christian community for all you religious folk out there.  Our very own team from SMF has been instrumental in getting the website up and running and helping with their approach.  Check out what they have done and get excited.

Are you looking for Worship Team Guitar Lessons? Playing guitar on a worship team is very rewarding and a great way to use your gift of music and bless others.  Being a guitar player is a great start but there are some specific things that even great guitar players need to know in order to apply what they know to the worship team.  Red Leaf Studios is currently operating in the Okotoks/Calgary area and giving guitar lessons okotoks.  If you are interested follow the links and check out what is happening there.